Registration Information (Read Before Registering)

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Registration Information (Read Before Registering) Empty Registration Information (Read Before Registering)

Post  Ernest Skousen on Fri Oct 10, 2008 8:38 pm

Before actually registering with this site, it is important to keep a few things in mind.

First of all, this website was designed to help compliment a class. That being said, we do not discourage others from signing up. We want to welcome all those who are interested in the environment/current affairs/and most importantly the weather.

Secondly, everyone here must realize that privacy is of the utmost concern. Please do not send messages via email to any user unless you have been giving permission by that person. We would like to ask that in the registration process, you check the box that hides your email adress. This forum does allow messages to be sent to each other through a private message system called PM's, though, so dont worry, private communication is possible.

Let us begin.

You now have two options to proceed...

One: If you are not in one of the classes and were not reffered to this forum by a friend, please register and create your own username and password. This will give access to most of the public sections and forums, and will allow you to interact in those sections with other enthusiasts.

Two: If you are in one of Rosenthal's Classes, please wait to register; he* will give you specific instructions on what he wants your username to be**. This is required because he* must give each of your usernames the permission to view your class' hidden sub-section. Once you have been given your username, then you may proceed to register at the website.

*or Ernest
**Note: If you do not wish to have your full name displayed, speak to Ernest or Mr. Rosenthal and let them know what username you would like instead.

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